Thirty Years of Legal Experience

Meet Attorney Rick Frydman

I am 57 years old and have lived in Lawrence since 1969. I attended Lawrence public schools (Deerfield Elementary, West Junior High and Lawrence High School (Class of 1977). I attended the University of Kansas where I majored in Journalism. While at K.U. I hosted an alternative country music program on student radio station KJHK and public radio station KANU. After completing J School, I attended the K.U. School of Law where I graduated in 1987. I have been practicing law as a solo practitioner ever since.

My mother was a lawyer and my father was a social work professor. My parents instilled in me a true desire to fight for people’s rights while caring about them as individuals. Through 30 years of practicing law I have become a well qualified courtroom lawyer and a true advocate for my client. I believe having a home office has been a real asset for me and my clients as we have the opportunity to work together in a comfortable, non-stressful, private environment to achieve the best possible outcome in your criminal matter.